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  • Sunday, 11 February 2007

    Ron Ng: Have Had Thoughts of Calling Quits
    Because rumors came non-stop, it made Ron Ng, who is currently climbing up the ladder, feel like he’s on a roller coaster going up and down a lot. In the beginning when he was not used to this, his mood went to its worst and when he couldn’t take it anymore, Ron had the thought of calling quits and leaving the entertainment circle; luckily he got the help and encouragement from Virginia Lok and his manager to overcome this.

    Last year, Ron constantly had rumors with Ella Koon and also had sister-brother rumors with Cahrmaine Sheh from collaborating in The Drive of Life, but towards these rumors, presently, he just replies with a smile, dealing with it with facial expressions.

    Towards rumors with Ella, Ron didn’t appear to be avoiding and only said, “I think up to today, there should be a period drawn on.” The bottom line is there isn’t any point in this continuing, therefore all rumors should pass away like year 2006 and it’s about time it stopped.

    “Close the Gates” to Avoid Rumors
    Not mentioning old rumors, but new rumors are fresh and hot; there were reports stating he was driving Charmaine everywhere when filming The Drive of Life. Towards this, Ron says, “I think it’s funny, giving others candy to eat is considered a ‘plan’. In fact, filming all these series, which series were there no rumors? Charmaine and I are good friends.” Towards partners for work, he honestly expresses he definitely won’t be avoiding, “there has to be communication between filming with another person and before filming, we would prepare; and if the guys don’t take the initiative, then that would make the females take the initiative? This is natural knowledge known by us.” But away from the camera, it’s personal time after work; the gates have to be closed and the reason is simple: afraid of rumors surrounding me.

    Describing the rumors in the past year, Ron feels it’s like sitting on a roller coaster, fate has its ups and downs, work has it’s high and low seasons, but what’s good is his work load hasn’t decreased because of this. All along, TVB has given him chances and when asked whether he has thought of quitting and leaving this industry when experiencing all the rumors, he admits he wasn’t able to take the rumors long ago, resulting in the growth of the thought of quitting. He says, “In the past, I didn’t know how to deal with the continuous rumors and have had the thought of calling quits, but in the end I thought things through.”

    “I’m Finally Awake”
    The reason that Ron was able to think things through was all due to Virginia Lok and his manager’s help and support, he reminisces, “All along, Virginia Lok gave me many opportunities and supported me, so I really thank her; and my manager was with me since I came out. When I came across low points, I would be unhappy and my manager would be unhappy with me and when I thought of why I’m working so hard, I would think of quitting, but my manager cheered me up instead; as a person, never look back, but walk forward, be yourself well and one day others would agree.” In the end, Ron finally woke up. The content of magazine reports differ everyday, so why take it so seriously sometimes?

    Ron’s mother actually foreshadowed a lot; back then when he was a dancer and was recommended by Louis Koo to change into an actor, his mother gave him a lot of precious advice. Ron says, “Back then, my mother told me to think about it carefully myself, telling me to go do it if I think it’s suitable for myself; you’d be happy if you succeed, but if you’re stuck in the middle, you’d still have to accept it and face it.”

    Because he’s never thought of becoming a celebrity, it’s a challenge for him, “I really haven’t ever thought of becoming an actor, or else I would’ve attempted to enter the acting class back then and not the dancing class.” Today’s Ron finally has got used to things and he also understands the more experience you have, the better you do; he’s happy he had the chance to work with Gallen Lo, Francis Ng and Damien Lau and although there is a lot of pressure, but there’s many benefits as well.
    Jacquii's thoughts:
    wow. I'm liking Ron again after the Brink of Law. [but still loving Raymond best!] They promoted him crazily back then, I hope he'll continue to improve in the years to come.It's funny, when I saw the title of the article I thought he meant 'quiting smoking'. LOL! I guess it's because I was reading the article on Ella Koon earlier about never dating a smoker. =)

    Sam thoughts:
    Ron is the best, but they use him to promote the show! His acting has improved rapidly and i hope that there will be less rumours from him this year. HEHE jacqui, nice thoughts even i though i think ron is better!

    Sunday, February 11, 2007