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  • Tuesday, 6 March 2007

    Credit : TVBSPACE
    Sourcee: TAKUNGPAO

    "TVB special lantern festival promotional event on Sunday evening at Shatin Park and cast members present included Sunny Chan, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Shek Sau and Charmaine Li. Playing games with the audience, the had to have a marshmallow eating race, after which Myolie exclaimed that she was very full, so she went on to feed Sunny and Ron with the skewer for the reporters to take photographs.With it being the Chinese Valentines Day, did Myolie have a date? She smiles that she has a date with her lovers from the series, saying she is in no rush to find herself a valentine. Talking of this series marking the 70th Anniversary of the Rape of Nanjing, she says that some of the scenes were filmed on location in Nanjing itself. As for ratings, she says: "Let's just go with the flow." She also feels that this series is her representative series for the year. So is she confident of an award? Myolie says she has not thought about it.For Sunny, who is soon to become a father, he knows that his wife Ada To is carrying a baby boy and he will become the proud father to a golden pig baby at the end of April or beginning of May. Asked if he has chosen a name yet, Sunny says he will leave this to the elders, but he remembers that last year on Mothers day, he said to his mother that he would give her a grandchild as a gift this year and he has fulfilled this promise. As for the government's pledge for tax cuts for parents, Sunny says he will benefit and he feels it is a good thing because it will encourage people to start a family because the population as a whole is starting to age.However, Sunny feels that to have children at a more mature age is more interesting because something unusual will happen at home every day and his wife has been made very happy by his antics and has no emotional problems. Whenever Ada is unhappy, he will dance and if that doesn't work, then he will sing as well. With the reports that the maternity wards are at bursting point, Sunny admits he is a little worried about this, so he has already reserved a place for his wife in hospital. He also hopes to have two children within three years.Ron's rumoured girlfriend Ella Koon was also in Shatin that evening, attending another event by Metro Radio at the same venue, but amid the rumours of their recent split, Ella seemed keen to avoid meeting Ron and rushed off after her performance. Ella's event was at around 7pm and she was in high spirits. Asked why she was so happy, she would not reveal why. Asked if she knew that Ron was at the same venue, she refused to answer and simply wished everyone a happy lantern festival. As for whether she would go and support Ron, she said she had no plans to and she says she is very committed to her work, so after the show she will be heading home to study her script for the forthcoming filming of "Survivor's Law II". Asked if she felt emotional for the festival, she responded asking: "Why should I be emotional? (Because you are single?) I am enjoying my single life because I have my freedom." She says that Fiona Sit said earlier that it was very cheap to use her rumours as self-promotion, so she does not want to respond to the rumours. Ella was wearing a short skirt at the event and a male fan was spotted looking up her skirt. When she heard this, she was very angry and said that it was very perverted behaviour, but fortunately she had some black shorts on underneath, so she was not worried about revealing anything.With Ron's event starting at 8pm nearby, maybe Ella was wary about being spotted with him, so she rushed off soon after her own performance. Ron arrived about fifteen minutes after Ron left and asked if he was disappointed at not seeing her, he said: "I don't think it is a disappointment, I had to rush over from filming, so I did not time things to avoid her intentionally." Asked if he was still in touch with Ella, Ron refused to answer, saying that he would not talk about anything aside from the truth and his work. When it was mentioned that Ella was quite happy, Ron indicated that he was also quite happy because he has finally finished filming for "ICAC Investigation". Asked if he had a date for the lantern festival, he says that he does not mind if he doesn't have a date because there are many full moon festivals in the year. He says he will be heading home after the event to have dinner with a lady, but this lady is his mother.

    Tuesday, March 06, 2007