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  • Wednesday, 25 April 2007

    Pictures: Loook below plz

    Credits: TVBSPACE

    Ron Ng has been surrounded by rumours recently, alleging that he borrowed $500,000 from Louis Koo and has not repaid it, leading to the two falling out. Ron attended the recording for the latest episode of "Minutes to Fame" earlier and the cheeky host Sammy Leung did not joke about the recent rumours, but did pull out the 'my fay-fut' joke about Ron's English ability. Ron became quite embarrassed, but laughed it off.Ron and Tavia Yeung held hands as they entered the stage together and sung his song "Don't Blame Her". Sammy took his opportunity and asked him if he had been 'selling buddhas'." [Cantonese - 'maai fut'] Ron tried to avoid it by saying: "Don't bring that up again!"In this episode, seven year old 'Little Dance Queen' Wong Hung Lei beat last week's 'Diana Pang Double' Chan Shing Nui to the "Minutes to Fame' throne, achieving 89 seconds to her performance, which consisted of singing, hip swinging and the splits. When Sammy praised her dancing, he pulled a joke on Ron again, telling him to go on stage and dance with her. With Ron's rather wooden dance moves, of course the little girl won, leaving Ron even more embarrassed.However, Tavia did not get away from Sammy's pranks as he suggested that she challenged Chan to a bowing competition. Even before she started, Sammy had put her down to lose badly. Tavia fought back saying that of course that was the case because he just looks at people's busts, so he won't look at her.Afterwards, Ron was asked if he was embarrassed at being joked with and he says he was not because this is a game show. As for the reports about him and Louis, he says he has not been in contact with Louis yet, because he is not in Hong Kong. The most important thing is that they both know what happened and he will not disturb Louis over something that was not true.Asked if their friendship was affected, Ron says it is not affected, but the 'fraudulent' words used by the magazine have made him rather upset and has damaged his image and reputation, so this may affect his opportunities for future work. Has he considered legal action? He says he is discussing this with his family as they are also unhappy about the reports. He reinforces that he has no financial difficulties and he does not need to borrow money to live, nor does he understand why he has these reports against him.Ron had indicated earlier that he plans to head to America to study dance and English and he hopes to do this in May, taking two months off from the company. As for his expenses, he does not need to worry because he has some dancing friends who live there and will find him somewhere to stay.

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007