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  • Saturday, 12 May 2007

    TVB has plans for a new ANCIENT drama for Raymond and Ron this July! The female lead is, as of yet, unconfirmed, but according to Thu@Liqian.info, it can't be Tavia, Sonija, Linda or Myolie because they'd be working on something else in July.So cross your fingers for your favourite stars ^^Note: "Has plans" means the drama isn't confirmed yet! So cross your fingers that they'll actually start filming!
    Thanks to the beehive

    Picture credits to http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=200106020 and Liqian.inf
    Date: 11 May 2007
    Source: Apple Daily
    Credits: Xiao Qian@ Raymond’s Forest, adele11@ 绝代峰华
    Ron Ng: Not so dumb as to fight with others
    The night before, Ron Ng and Raymond Lam attended a sunglasses party at Chung Wan. Earlier, after Southern China won their game in soccer, there was a fight between the fans of the two teams, and Ron Ng was said to be involved. Luckily, the boss of BMA, Mrs. Leung Chi San stepped forward and said that Ron was not involved.“Everything’s to do with me.”When Ron was asked about this matter, he said, “That day I did go and watch the soccer, but I only went to watch the second-half of it. Carlo Ng was also there and we knew that there was some fighting between the soccer fans, but we didn’t fight! It wasn’t very serious, but there were policemen there to investigate the issue.” Asking Ron whether or not he stepped forward and tried to stop the fight, he said, “Wah! There were so many people at that time, I’m not so dumb as to go and fight with others! I only went to support the local soccer team.” Asking whether he felt he was very innocently dragged into this matter, he said, “Luckily I received support from Leung Chi San. I feel a bit better, but I don’t know why everything seems to do with me.”Asking whether ATV has been trying to get Ron and Raymond to join them, he said, “I haven’t, I still have many years of contract with TVB, and no one has asked me.” And Raymond said, “No, no one has asked me, I grew up in TVB and I’ll serve TVB faithfully.”

    Saturday, May 12, 2007