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  • Friday, 18 May 2007

    Translated by :lonegurl@s4.invisionfree.com/ronng
    Translations to the Pop Magazine

    News 1: 27 years old

    Ron Ng and Ella Koon are handsome and pretty but many thought their love relationship wouldn't work.However,they were still once a rumoured couple.It was said that when they filmed Revolving Doors Of Venegeance[RDOV],both of them meet each other daily and soon,sparks of love were seen.As for the new love,it would definitely be Charmaine Sheh!Reporters once spotted Ron fetching Charmaine in his audi.Both denied that Ron only fetched Charmaine after work as it was convenient but the reporters checked their record and realise and they didn't had any work scheduled together on that day.Don't tell me Charmaine specially return to office for Ron to fetch?

    From the beginning,Ron has never admitted to these rumours,only saying that,"As a guy,you shouldn't be so petty.I will not care about what other people do and what they say.From the beginning till now,I have never response to anything.It's the same for the past,the current and the future!"However,having had rumours with Niki Chow,Myolie Wu,Tavia Yeung,Ella Koon,Toby Leung,Charmaine Sheh and so many other female artistes,it seemed that Ron's love life is always in the entertainment business?! Ron shook his head and said,"Actually I don't want to find my sweetheart in the entertainment business.Everyone have to film series,go out to do shooting,too tiring!My girlfriends in the past are usually the cute type,but now I want to find a more mature girl,one that can communicates with family members well."During Valentine's Day,all the streets are filled with love everywhere,Ron stated,"Love relationship when in the twenties should be free and easy,where lovers need not bother about other things.When they are happy they could just have a simple meal in a fast food restaurant and take a walk in the beach later,even though it is very simple and it's free of charge,the feeling would be very romantic. However,it is impossible for me.

    "Having talk so much,on the romantic Valentine's Day,can the sunshine boy Ron withstand the temptation of not asking any girl out?!

    News 2:Li An "brokeback mountain" was well-known all over the world.After a round of research,the 180cm tall,68 kg heavy Ron was actually the ideal gay partner of many gays!More than 20% of the interviewees thinks that Ron is very suitable to act in the HK version of "Brokeback Mountain",reason being Ron has a sharp image and he got so many rumours all along.Besides,everybody thought in a electrical appliances advertisement,Ron looked very sexy when he move his body,that's why everyone wanted to "support" Ron for the gay role.Since there is so many gays "supporting" him,Ron also mentioned that he has been disturbed by many males before.

    "The fans are actually rather obedient and wouldn't act inappropriately,but before I became an artiste,there was once a incident where a guy was staring at me in the toilet.Therefore,I went up to ask him whether he got any problems."Ron stated."There was another incident which was more 'interesting'!A guy touched the sensitive area of me in public when he was walking towards me.At that time,I was shocked till I stood rooted to the ground and my natural reaction was to push him away immediately.However,this didn't cause any dark shadows in my life as I have never looked down on gays.

    I've got some friends who are also like that but it's alright as long as they don't overdo it. "There's a saying in the media industry,that is if you're not popular,nobody would look for you even the gays; if you have any gay rumours,that mean you are truly a big star!Since the popular Ron is so "well-liked" among the gays,it wouldn't be surprising if he got involved in any gay rumours.Who knows,the news headline of tomorrow's newspaper would be "TVB 2 siu sangs,Raymond Lam and Ron Ng surprisingly announced their "brokeback" relationship"?!

    Friday, May 18, 2007