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  • Wednesday, 6 June 2007

    On the first beat

    Translated by lonegurl

    After 27 weeks of training at the cadet school, Ron and Sammul, together with the group, finally pass out. The 2 new police officer was sent to Yau Mau area to join the small police group there, becoming real police officers. Sammul hopes to be promote fast so as to show his gratitude to his father and to take good care of his grandfather. Sammul follow the rules strictly and go by the book for everything, hoping to make no mistakes so as to be promoted fast. As Ron was way more impulse than Sammul and his definition of a 'good police' is different, therefore there is a difference in the way Ron handle things.

    There was once when Sammul was patrolling the area and he met a group of gangster. Due to the lack of experience, he was fooled by the "head" of the gangster, Micheal Tao. After that, he was even complained by one of the members and was investigated by the police. Sammul was troubled by this event as he was afraid this would affect his performance, causing him to be unable to promote.

    Once after duty, Fiona and Ron met the group of gangsters again. As they seem suspicious, both started trailing the gangsters hoping to get evidence of their crimes. Sammul was on duty at that time and realise their activity. By the time Ron(I think it's typo error. It should be Sammul instead) rush to the scene, it was too late. Fiona was shot by one of the gangsters and was lying on the ground, dead.

    After witnessing Fiona's death, Sammul was greatly shocked and was unable to accept the sudden turn of events. Sammul thus put the blame on Ron, thinking that Ron has to be responsible for Fiona's death. Sammul thought that Ron was insistent on solving the case thus bringing Fiona to investigate. The relationship between the 2 brothers started to turn sour.

    Half a year later, Ron and Sammul was still working in Yau Mau area. They realise that the Micheal they met half a year ago was actually an undercover for the cops and got credits, thus being promoted. He was sent to the group the 2 were in and became their boss.

    Usually after entering the police force for a year, the police officers would then be chosen to be sent for training course in the mobile unit to wear the "blue cap". However, Sammul self-recommended himself for the course even though he was only a police for half a year as the course is a criteria to be promoted. At the same time, as Micheal just got promoted, he too have to go for this course.

    The 3 had to go through 20 weeks of tough training. Sammul and Ron was competing to get the "best police" award. The Mobile Unit requires team spirit, Ron and Sammul fight thus greatly affected the team's performance, causing Micheal to be very troubled. Micheal told Sammul that Fiona's death got nothing to do with Ron, hoping that the 2 would be on good terms again so as to not be like him and Micheal Miu in the past.

    The mobile unit participated in a world trade motion. The demonstration not merely has broken through mobile unit's defense line, but it also made the 2 good friends which once quarreled to understand how precious their friendship was. Finally, the world trade motion not merely makes the two of them reconciled but also improved their relationship and the two became closer brothers.

    Just as the 3 started to co-operated greatly in the mobile unit, Sammul started thinking of Fiona's death. The psychologist let Sammul recall Fiona's death to know the truth, Sammul did not know how to face it...


    Wednesday, June 06, 2007