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  • Sunday, 3 June 2007

    Translated by Lonegurl

    Credits: Ronng.net

    In >,Lee Man Seng(Micheal Miu) dies during his duty,the sequel <> had Micheal Tao to act as a terrible police officer, bringing troubles to his subordinates, Ron and Sammul. Micheal always mentioned that he wants discipline and is strict but whether he himself has discipline is a big question to be answered in the story.

    Fiona Dies To Saves Sammul

    The story talks about Ron and Sammul emerging as policemen from the 27 weeks of tough training. They were sent to to the same police post to work. Ron's character is impulse and wants to catch the law breakers everyday while Sammul only hopes to get promoted so as to finish the death wish of his father, Micheal Miu. The relationship between Ron and Sammul was thus put to a test. In terms of relationship, both each had their own girlfriends, Tavia and Fiona. However, Fiona only guest starred in 2 episodes in the sequel, reason because she and Ron investigated in a case on their own and met the bandits. Sammul rushed to the scene on time but in the critical junction, Fiona blocked a bullet Sammul from being shot and died in the end. At the end, Ron and Sammul suspect that their officer, Micheal Tao, is also involved in the case and there was more to Fiona's death than what meets the eye.

    Micheal and Sonijia continue seeing each other after divorce

    The weird relationships makes people confuse. Sammul felt sorrowful towards Fiona's death. After that, he was complained by others thus meeting his Madam, Sonijia , the head of miscellaneous investigations. The 2 had a relationship but their love was too late as Sonijia and her ex-husband Micheal Tao started seeing each other again. Ron and Tavia relationship was interrupted as Tavia needed to go to Japan for studies. Kate, who has a crazy crush on her cousin appeared and even joined the police to get near Ron. On the other hand, Sonijia's subordinate, Joey was at enemies with Ron. The relationship between the 2 turned good and became good friends later. Tavia later returned from Japan to be involved in the fight for Ron.


    Sunday, June 03, 2007