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  • Thursday, 21 June 2007

    Im sorry for poor translation, though i did this in a rush

    Source: Ronng.net

    Benny Chan and Ron NG, at the same Place, They both like Charmaine Sheh, in the new series <巧克力情人>.

    Benny Chan and Ron Ng, both liked Charmaine Sheh, when filming for <巧克力情人>, at the same place they both love the same person Charmaine Sheh. Though Benny acted awkwardly and laughed saying “How cant his be? Charmaine hasn’t my Girlfriend and says “”当场上演失忆症”.
    is produced by <由谢迺> and says that, Benny Chan And Ron Ng are both Hong Kong Siusing. The two main male roles and两人和大陆小旦于娜, have a muddled relationship i.e. Relationship in a mess. Ron rescues many people, while Benny falls in Love with Ron’s girlfriend <于娜>, he suffers quite a lot.


    Thursday, June 21, 2007