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  • Monday, 9 July 2007

    Translated by: Sam
    Source: SingTao
    Date: 8/7/07

    As Ron plays his character as “Ah Man” in On the first beat, [As 1 carries 3] 3 girls all fighting for Ron, but in real life, Ron doesn’t have this situation happen in life before, though widely known, rumors of Samuel Chan being gay, as they Say “Unrequited love “, between Ron and Samuel, Though Ron speaks frankly, as a joke, and says “Why does it from beginning to end have to always include me?”

    On the first beat ratings and Audience is quite reasonable Since Ron has set up and love Triangle, between, Joey and Tavia, though he has no feeling for Kate. Though is Ron’s Life like this? Ron laughs “Till now, I have never experienced so many people fighting for me, so for me, my life isn’t as worrying, as in. But even though, he has never experienced this problem in life, he has come across Kat the showe, who he doesn’t even like, and it was pretty pointless that she kept trying to fight for Ron as well, and should have made the decision earlier, not to be in the fight for him.

    Though has Ron ever experienced, loving someone else secretly? He says, during middle school, there was a girl, who was above me 1 class, and every time I saw her she always made me happy, and sweet. And loving , itsomeone secretly actually makes you very happy. So did he confront the girl to tell her that? He says, No he didn’t, you can’t exactly be too straight forward and tell them you like them! Any person wouldn’t want to be hurt, if they confront the girl and she actually doesn’t like you.

    Ron’s talks about his close friends So talking along the lines about “Secret or Unrequited Love” Quite recently, because of the Rumors saying that Samuel Chan because of “Secret Love for Ron” and stating that he was gay, they have both worked together in On the first beat and are about to start filming together again, for the > though, facing the Scandal, he says this is quite funny, because the news is really weird, but since this news had spread, When people ask about this , the first feeling that gets to me is like ”Is it my business again? Why does it from beginning to start have to always include me”. The newspaper has to be a joke, as I have realized, there was like the same news, which were the same in every description. I have never experienced any problem working together with Samuel, When we start work we are all workmates, and when we finish filming, if theres time, we have dinner together, as this is showing we are friends and sometimes we look at girls to seek amusement (ha-ha).

    Of course I don’t mind being friends with the same gender. As Ron stated “I have really good [same gender] friends, and whether its girl or boy, I don’t care, because everyone knows that we are all friends, and its not like when you see each other you kiss, so this is not a problem.

    Sorry for my poor translation _ _' i havent translated in ages! and my chinese as well is really bad, so im sorry if this doesnt make sense to you. Lol Ron has been smiling a lot more which im very happy about =)

    Monday, July 09, 2007