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  • Friday, 20 July 2007

    Credits to Jaynestars

    To view the picture go to: http://jaynestars.com/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=996

    The ending for last week's "On the First Beat" 《學警出更》had breakthrough ratings, with average ratings at 35 points. The last episode pulled in 37 points, while Sonija Kwok Sin Lei's death scene peaked at 39 points! Approximately, 2.512 million viewers tuned in! Sonija was initially blamed as the "ratings poision" but turned out to be a "ratings savior" instead!

    Due to Michael Tao Dai Yu and Sonija's earlier negative rumors, Producer, Wong Wai Sing, banned them from appearing at promotional events together. Sonija was ordered to take a 3 month vacation in Canada.

    However, since "On the First Beat" scored higher ratings that its prequel, "The Academy," Wong said he will reconsider asking Michael and Sonija to appear at a celebratory event together.

    Both Michael and Sonija said they did not mind appearing together at a celebration event. However, Michael is currently filming a series in Shanghai and will not return to Hong Kong anytime soon.

    Sonija was happy about the high ratings. "Many people did not want my character to die in the series. Many people, including my mother, said they cried while watching my death scene! To make the climax more exciting, I don't mind my character dying in the series."

    Many people accused Sonija of being the ratings poison and dragging down the series? "I don't mind what was said in the past! I put in a lot of effort while filming this series."

    According to the broadcasting administration, there were 3 types of complaints received for "On the First Beat." Viewers felt there was excessive violence and smoking scenes, along with negative portrayal of the police and poor influence on children.

    Source: Orientaldaily.com


    Sam: Im really glad the ratings rose again. This has reallyy made me very happy. Im glad Sonjia has pulled the show together rather than rumours spoiling the ratings. anyway congradulations to Ron for a sucess sseries! It didnt reach as high as Heart of Greed, but as the cast wasnt as strong as Heart of Greed the ratings were very impressive =)

    Friday, July 20, 2007