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  • Monday, 20 August 2007

    Translated by: Sammy
    Source: RonOnline

    Q. If you came across any problems would you ask you girlfriend/wife for help?
    A. Of course, This is a relationship, and no matter what we come across we have to share the load.
    Q. (Laughs) So have you ever come across this issue?
    A. Well in dancing Class, I had a girlfriend, and I had to borrow money for uses, but it was only very little. And when I went out with friends for dinner, sometimes my wallet would be out of cash, so I would use My girlfriend’s money for emergency use.
    Q. Don’t you reckon being the Man, isn’t it hard to ask them if you can borrow money?
    A. No not really, like I take her to places to play, and give her money to buy stuff, so we don’t really owe each other anything. So then I would usually say: I don’t have enough money at the moment, so is it possible if you could lend some to me for now?
    Q. Would you ask her for a receipt?
    A. No need, if you can’t trust each other then why are you together? Though once, we were together and my girlfriend was angry because I wasted a lot of money, so I bought a watch and left it at her place and then the next day she returned it back to me. I really liked this watch. It reminded me not to waste money.

    Since its simplified chinese, i will have to get the last question transltaed tommorow! In the mean time enjoyy!

    Monday, August 20, 2007