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  • Tuesday, 21 August 2007

    Source: http://www.lanews.com.cn/
    Date: 20/08/08
    Translated by: Sammy

    People who don’t understand this person, you can say Ron is very man and Cool.Ron also supports this saying “When people talk, I smile, because smiling is the best image you can give yourself." Though people that understand Ron, Say, Ron is very lucky, at TVB being a dancer then two years later he entered the TVB drama industry and now is a very popular, star, and him being a the younger generation of TVB, his acting career had only just started and he was already releasing albums. Though Ron said quite disappointingly, “Behind all this you wouldn’t believe was really hard work.

    The fans that understand Ron say that he treats people really kindly, and he doesn’t have a selfish personality, like some celebrities do. The fans, get autographs under any request, and are very sweet. Ron usually likes to pull pranks, but when he films, he is very diligent, and serious about it. Ron also said, if you can’t do it, you learn, and if you don’t do it right, you change.

    Ron is a very simple, man, in fact very manly like. From, filming a small part, in Golden faith, then to Triumph in the skies, where he played an uncle and a little brother, then to singing on stage “Don’t blame her”, then to filming, “The Academy” and “On the first beat “as a absolute male, and Men in Pain being a good husband/good dad. From the first time he performed on stage, to the first time, he had a meeting with his fans, and the first time performing with a nervous break down, all this is real. This is Ron, the real person, experiencing growth, facing growth, challenging growth in the industry.

    Ron, filmed his drama well, sung good songs, and danced really well, and doing what he should do; this is why Taiwan, and Mainland China has looked upon him, and in “Chocolate lovers” he was selected as one of the two male leads, and quite recently he was with Kevin and Raymond performing at Tokyo dome, for the Face in Japan concert, performing, with Korean stars. Ron also was looked upon by the Manager of the company, and will be going to Japan later for training.

    Ron: Be your own self, and be comfortable with who you are. No matter if it is the performing Ron, or the Singing Ron, or TVB Ron, you are always our international Ron.
    Sammy: I so agree with this article! No matter where Ron is, he will satisfy his fanss "I so want to meet him " =D

    Tuesday, August 21, 2007