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  • Tuesday, 14 August 2007

    Source: Ron Online

    Date: 14/08/07

    Translated by: Sam

    Radio host: Good morning Ron
    Ron: Good morning小欣姐

    Radio host: I have been following, the latest entertainment news and I heard that, Japanese have invited you to go perform, and after you finished The four great constables, you will be going to Japan for 3 months.

    Ron: Yes Yes.
    Radio interview: So do u know any Japanese Ron?
    Ron: A little bit
    Radio: Can you say a few lines for us
    Ron: Japanese: Hi everyone, I’m Ron.
    (Since I do Japanese I think Ron would say, Konichiwa, Watashiwa, Ron des.)
    Radio Host: So have you decided what clothes you are going to take to Japan for your performance?
    Ron: Because I am filming The four great constables, and have to practice dancing, I don’t have much time, but luckily for my manager she helped me buy some decorations, and helped me do some extra things, because at night, I don’t finished working till about 2-3, and tonight at 6, i have to stay at home and pack my clothes for the concert and add some decoration to it.
    Radio Host: Have you ordered the beads?
    Ron: I’ve ordered the quartz ones.
     Radio Interview: Wow, you very dedicated!
    Ron: Well there’s no choice, since I am representing Hong Kong to go perform, I have to add a spark to my performance.
    Radio Host: What are you going to sing?
    Ron: Umm, Don’t blame her, dance version, and with Raymond dancing the medley, and a few other songs.
    Radio Host: So you haven’t been nervous last night, but you haven’t slept, so your not scared you won’t haven’t rested?
    Ron: Well, in a few hours, I will be
    Radio Host: Then you should sleep on the plane; it’s a 4 hour trip.
    Ron: I have been considering that.
    Radio Host: You will be seeing a lot of Japanese Media, and Managers, you must need to take a lot of lugguage since you will keep seeing a lot of people.
    Ron: Well, I’ve taken 10 sets of clothes, and I know there will be heaps of media, I have taken different types of clothes, to face the media you have to look good. I hope I can give a different impression to the Japanese Media, and hopefully, that Japan, will be happy for me go to go visit them,
    Radio Host: So have you thought what the Japanese Media, Will ask you, and what your going to perform for them?
    Ron: Singing and Dancing, and just follow on with them

    Radio Host: That means you must be very happy going to Japanese Markets
    Ron: I’m Happy and Excited
    Radio: I hope you wont forget us!
    Ron: of course I wont, This is my native place.

    Radio: Well when you go to Japan to study, remember to call us, and update your site.

    Ron:I wont leave a message to anyone but you!
    Radio: HAHA that’s very nice, Well, I hope you have a good sleep so you will be fresh and awake!
    Ron: Of course and u would have to stay in touch.
    : Well I wish you good luck, and wish you every success
    Ron: Thanks!

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007