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  • Thursday, 27 September 2007

    Raymond Lam, trusted the Wrong weather Man
    Translated by: Sammy@The line to Ron/http://ron-site.blogspot.com
    Source: East Weekly

    Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, were all prepared to film and outdoor scene, when Raymond Lam, was had disappeared and didn’t turn up, which had wasted Ron’s and Kate’s time for 2 hours. As for Raymond, TVB had to organize another date to film on the 21st. Even though Raymond had disappeared for an hour, he thought this situation, had his reason saying “I disappeared, because the weather was very bad”. The other day, the News had said that the highest would be 30 degrees, and there wouldn’t be clear skies (don’t know what the next line is…)
    Last week, and 8 o clock there was 8 of the actors all prepared to film, and kept complaining that they wanted to see Raymond, and immediately call him, but the worse is he even affected his best buddy, Ron Ng, and waited till 10:00. The Director was fed up with waiting so he decided to film it a next time.

    Make up Filming
    Because of last time, Raymond didn’t end up filming, they decided to film for half a day to make up for it. The Notice clearly said that 2 o’clock but Raymond arrived at 3 o clock. In the end, they only started filming at 4 o clock. Because of something, (not too sure), they had to re-film everything. Luckily it only took an hour to film, and then had to sort some technical problems. Afterwards, the press was chasing after him, asking why he was late to filming.
    The weather man’s problem
    East Weekly interviewed Raymond:
    E: On Sunday, you had disappeared, and even made Kate and Ron Ng, had to wait for you, and you ended up not turning up.
    Raymond: That day, I didn’t turn up, it said that Sunday’s weather would be bad, and workers, called me to tell me.

    E: But the whole cast was there, and only you were the only one that received the news?

    R: Ah, I’m sorry; I am rushing to go to another location.

    Even though there was a bit of a misunderstanding, but he even wasted the crew and also Kate’s time. Kate said: Raymond disappeared? But all of them found it really hard and tiring to film, and even pushing the wheelchair, hurt the hands, and even wearing old ancient clothes, and even made me sick, but, from beginning to start, these kind of situations are very unusual, but I don’t remember these kind of things.

    The same situation, can cause three of them, trouble, and because of Raymond, they had to go to all this trouble.

    Thursday, September 27, 2007