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  • Thursday, 11 October 2007

    * Ok, well josephine and some others have been requesting for the intstructions to be given, and here they are kindly done by Jacquieee, but if you want pictures, on how to do this, you might have to wait another 4-5 weeks, as yrlys etc are coming up. And for those of you in the US, Swarvoski is the shop to get the set!
    Oh and if this does look very fammiliar, its from On the first beat, how Ron gives Joey one of these ^^, enjoyy
    Note: If you wish to repost this, please mention Jacquiee, as the author of these instructions. Much appreciated!

    1. Get the metal rod and thread the body onto it.
    2. Now get the Diamondy sparkly type bead and thread a piece of fishing wire through it. About 10-15cm will do. Now you should have 2 sides of fishing wire on either side of that bead.
    3. Now get the beads that will become the hands of the angel. Thread it through one side of the wire, and repeat on the other.
    4. Start to turn the wire around so that it looks more like hands holding a stone. This is when you thread the wings in, which are the heart looking beads. Thread them through.
    5. Now thers another small bead which you need a the back of the angel to secure everythng in place. Make sure you've circled it around teh angel enough so that itfits nicely around the body crystal. Now thread the the bead longwhise the wire and make sure ech end comes out.
    6. Now with only ONE SIDE of the wire, thread it through the wing on its side from the back [so basically the side where the angels HAND is, not the bak where you've currently been working, this might be fussy]
    7. Now thread that same piece of wire through the s upporting bead again so that both pieces of wire are now on the same side and tie a knot.
    8. You've now done the hardest bit of the angel. Howeve to make a nice angel you have to be sure the hands part [ the part you've just made] is in proportion with the body so you may have to be fussy with it.
    9. now make sure the hands prt will sit on top of the body bad with out sinking down. If it does the hands are too wide apart.
    10. Place the head bead through the metal rod as well as the halo. The whole angel is actually finished now.
    11. The rod should be connected to the actual keyring part. If its not you should b able to buy a hook/clip type thingy... ahh this is SO hard to explain... you know th little clips? yeah and you have to get that through the hole at the top of the rod first.
    12. Just secure all the knots and stuff and cut off the access wire! You've finished your angel! *hurrah*

    OK the instrutions might sound rather straightforward and easy but this beading task is actually rather difficult and fussy so don't get annoyed if it doesn't work first time etc. Its a pretty difficult project to start on for beginners or people who haven't beaded before and i'm pressuming you haven't which is why i haven't acutally used beading technique type words which might have been easier to explain everything with. haha.

    Thursday, October 11, 2007