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  • Saturday, 27 October 2007

    Translated by: Sammy at: http://s4.invisionfree.com/ronng + http://ron-site.blogspot.com/
    Source: 飲庈奀惆
    Date: 26/10/07
    Please include the Credits if Reposted

    From August, in Wunam, TVB have been filming TVB series “The Four great Constables”. From Sek Lum, to Dai dip sui, and luk leung they have continuously filmed, until November the 1st. One of the male leads Raymond lam, has been filming in Lai gong. There with him were a few other TVB siu sing, are very excited that they are nearly finished filming.

    Movie Makers to secretly take pictures.
    The four great Constables is a heartless yet Lang huet story. Yesterday on set, Journalists realized that more than 10 people from Hong Kong have come to film, with spectacular performances, and didn’t have to retake very many scenes. At first, the Director strongly forbade anyone to take pictures. After reporters explained the purpose in coming, producer Mr. Lam only then promised reporter to approach the sets but many reporters had secretly taken many pictures. The team had many headaches, which had disturbed the Actor’s mood and performance. “The four great Constables” is believed to be this year’s TVB’s biggest drama, and next year it will be broadcasted on Television.

    Ron falls in love with his big beard.
    In the past in “Golden faith, and Twin of brothers, without the beard was different. In “The four great Constables” Ron, has experienced various changed, with a beard. He said “I really like this image”. In the series he is a character which is “Lang huet”. Ron said “I really enjoy acting, as every character I play gives me a change, and not being able to talk will test my performance.”

    Afterwards Ron pointed at his sags below his eyes, saying “I haven’t really had enough sleep because in Hong Kong filming everyday, I didn’t even get to sleep at least 4 hours. Before in Wunam, when we were filming, we were considered very lucky. Ron Ng had many rumours with female leads including Charmaine Sheh, but Ron laughed and said “I have been so busy; I treat my sleep as entertainment, so where would I have time to consider love. During filming, the reporters asked “Do you have any appropriate girls that you can recommend to me?”

    Saturday, October 27, 2007