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  • Friday, 2 November 2007

    Source: On.CC + ent.com for Interview
    Translated by Sammy@ http://s4.invisionfree.com/ronng + http://ron-site.blogspot.com/
    Date: 2/10/07
    Please Credit if Reposted

    Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung yesterday participated in a Fans meeting and when Ron was taking picture with 5-6 fans that were really crazy and kept touching his hands. Ron even said one of the Shanghai ladies had a very good figure.

    Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung have finished working, and have been very busy flying to Shanghai for promotion and Interviews. Last Night the two of them planned a fans meeting and a Karaoke Party. Fans were very lucky to experience the surroundings and even brought his CD’s to be signed and when taking a group photo Ron had 5-6 a fan holding his hand and even Tavia was laughing like crazy.

    Ron said about the Shanghai Ladies “I reckon that Shanghai women have a good figure and are tall, and can become models. And my fans were definitely very supportive. Last time when I went to china to film that drove there just to see me.

    Since the Karaoke rooms only could hold 15 people, Ron and Tavia’s Fans had to 40-50 fans, so they had to split rooms and fans had to sing by themselves. After playing for many hours they had to leave.
    Caption: Ron Ng having fans holding onto his hand.

    Caption 2: Tavia and Ron very happy to receive many gifts!

    Interviewer: In the TVB Series you have acted in which character is most profound to you and why?

    Ron Ng: Every impression is profound and you may all be familiar with me in Triumph in the Skies, which is the first pleasing character I have ever played. Because on the show, many others were eager to work with me including his idol, Francis Ng. There were also many other actors, who were very happy about this series, and were able to go to other countries including Italy, Japan, Australia and France. If it wasn’t filming this kind of drama, they wouldn’t be able to visit so many different countries which too me means seeing new things, and even since I was little, I really loved aeroplanes, so when I knew I was going to film this Aeroplane Drama, I was very excited!

    Interview: You have been in TVB for many years, what is your most memorable moment?
    Ron Ng: Everything I do is very memorable, but the most memorable moment , has to be when I filmed with Gallen Lo. At first I when I started filming I didn’t really know anything so when I had to act with him, I was very nervous. During that time I was new to the industry and was like a machine. Re-watching these scenes are extremely humorous. When we had to film I hadn’t had a good sleep for 3 days which affected. Since I was young I watched Gallen Lo film and I really like his acting which is why I was very nervous as well.Interview: This year TVB Anniversary you have been in the nomination list for “On the First beat”, in My Most favorite Character and Best Actor. How positive are you to winning this award, and which one would you want?

    Ron Ng: I really have no expectation. I feel that if I compare myself to many other actors, I still have a lot to learn and a lot to improve in. At this point in time, receiving an award isn’t necessarily a piece of good news as it should take time. Every Year, when I’m in the Nomination list I am already very happy. The most important thing is that they give the award to the most deserving one. All of us acting a particular character is to aim to be able to get an award which is why I really like getting awards.

    Interview: Who do you reckon will get the Best Actor/Actress award?Ron Ng: I really like Moses and Bobby’s Acting because they have acted for so long. Since I was small I already saw them in the industry so no matter if we are friends or work mates I still really like him, because he makes everyone really happy. He is TVB’s Treasure. Every series he acts, the ratings are always really high which Is why he is most deserving for this award. For my favourite actress I reckon it will be Tavia Yeung.
    Interviewer: On the internet many people have voted for you. So what would you like to say to them?

    Ron Ng: I would particularly like to thank them because I know my fans all support me and my friends so every year they vote for me and support me. I haven’t had an opportunity to thank them. Once I entered the industry many have supported me and every year for the Anniversary they vote for me which I really want to thank them for.

    Interviewer: What have you been busily filming lately?

    Ron Ng: Last Night we had finally finished filming “The Four great Constables” and have returned from Hong Kong. We have filmed all over the place. My Character in the series is “Lang Huet”, and I reckon that “Lang Huet” character is like me, because he is very sweet, and lives in the forest as a “Ye Yan”, raised by a wolf which is why he doesn’t really like talking. Whatever he wants to fix, he uses war as the answer which is really easy for me to act. Because I have less sleep and had to film fighting scenes, so I reckon it was really painful this took a lot of effort. I reckon faking the fighting and actually fighting is more painful because I’m worried about hurting my opponent and felt there was something that so affecting me. Usually not sleeping enough is very bad for fighting scenes because it is very easy to hurt others and yourself. I reckon safety is very important.

    Well i never knew Ron Came to Australia~Never knew that! wow, those fans are really crazy! HAHA well Taro fans must be very happy ^^" suprisingly he didnt say he liked Rays character for awards. Migod! i voted for Bobby as well ^^" haha .. Very long article! haha please take time to read it

    Credit: Batgwa's News

    To mark the celebration of TVB's 40th Anniversary this month, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) were invited to meet the press in Shanghai today.

    Ron said that he has been busy filming for Young Four Great Constables <少年四大名捕> in China recently, where he plays the character of Cold Blood (冷血). Ron revealed that he is a very cold-hearted character and has very few lines and often has to convey his feelings through his actions. Talking of his progress this year and reports that he has moved up the ranks to become TVB's "Young Master", Ron said that he felt he has been maturing gradually. He said: "I am still quite young, so I have to keep filming to improve myself. It has been hard work, but I will overcome it. In the past, I have filmed for five days running without sleep and I did think about giving up then. I called my mother and she said to me that even if I wanted to give up, then I should at least finish the series. Now I am getting used to this lifestyle and when I do have time to rest, I feel uncomfortable."

    Tavia has been in China filming for the series Construction of Love <建築有情天>. She said that filming in China was a great experience and working so closely with her co-stars made them feel like a family. Asked about her thoughts for this year's anniversary awards, Tavia said that everyone hopes to win awards, but for her, she is in no hurry. She said: "I feel that I still have room to get even better and I hope that in the future, I can find a character that will really give me a breakthrough."

    Friday, November 02, 2007