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  • Wednesday, 23 January 2008

    Translated by: Sammy@http://ronforever.com
    Date: 22/01/08
    Source: Sina.com

    In order to finish filming, Mainland China’s “Mr and Mrs Smith” (Life and death) have begun to split into two different groups (A+ cool.gif for filming
    Group A will concentrate on dialogue shots, while Group B will concentrate on action shots this has made the process a lot faster, but very tiresome for Yao Qian Yu (姚芊羽), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Sa Ri Na(薩日娜) and Wen Zhong Ren (溫崢嶸) as they have to go between two destinations each day and they have to re-film several scenes because of the techniques that need to be used.
    Reporters were lucky to make it in time, for the first day, as Group A Yao Qian Yu (姚芊羽) and Sa Ri Na(薩日娜) were filming. They started filming at about 6 am in the morning, and just to get to their filming destination takes about an hour. After arriving at the scene Yao Qian Yu (姚芊羽)and Sa Ri Na (薩日娜) had to wear “bo bo” and had to run around in the mud several times but they didn’t say anything even though the weather was very cold and was not possible to filming, so after filming two of them came out sneezing and coffing Their ears we also very red.
    From Group A to Group B it only takes 10 minutes to travel between the two destinations, but there are over 150 people there, many of them are very professional directors, so when filming it is very difficult for them.
    When Reporters saw Ron he had just changed from Group A to B. But he had to change his clothes and his hairstyle, therefore he was very busy. He told reporters that today’s filming was very important because he was acting a scene where he was going from 國民黨 government to 共產黨 government.
    “Life and Death” is half way through filming. But soon it will we able for viewers to watch. The story is over a 40 year period “Mr and Mrs Smith” the two communist parties exposes each other's spies identities and so the story continues. It kind of follows the story of a movie “Mr and Mrs Smith” with an addition of a spy theme and touching scenes of life, death and love which continues to be accepted in the industry.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008