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  • Sunday, 24 February 2008

    Translated by Sammy @ http://ronforever.com
    Source: web.xwwb.com/
    Date: 24/02/08

    Sorry if the translations are a bit woozy.hahaha um i kind of am really busy so i really rushed this translation! hope you wont mind =D

    TVB’s Ron Ng and Yao Qian Yu are really rushing the last scenes of “Life and Death”, Yesterday Reporters visited the actors and Ron told the reporters that his character his role was really serious and deep (Tai sum). These days he has had to film crying scenes which has put him under a lot of pressure and made him unhappy.

    Characters in the Series
    When Reporters came to visit the actors, the crew was currently filming a scene where they were filming a scene where one of them was about to die and Ron Ng was hugging Yao Qian Yu with tears in each other’s eyes ready to say good-bye. Both of them in the Show are from two communist parties. Both of them a true lovers but there is much pain between them as they quarrel a lot, and always match against each other. Ron Ng indicated “Because this play is a love Tragedy, There is always crying scenes which make me think about it everyday. It makes me very unhappy so it is very hard for me to sleep.”

    Talking about Fei Jie
    “Happy Fruit” Fei fei has recently passed away which has caused a huge shock to the Hong Kong entertainment circle. As a TVB Siu sing, Ron Ng said after Fei Jie has left he expresses that he has regretted that before Fei Jie had left, he was in Mainland filming. Only Hong Kong friends called and told him this news. Ron stated “Even though I haven’t worked with Fei Jie before but I really respect her. Outside the Entertainment circle I’ve always seen everyone treating her as the big sister, and they respect and listen to her.”

    Talking about Edison’s Scandal
    Quite lately there were many things on the sex scandal of Edison Chen. Ron Ng just said “I only can worry about my own duties”. He said that the pictures posted on the internet really annoyed people. Ron Ng also stated “The audience should look further, and not always think the bad side of an actor.” Asked if how Ron would keep his private life separate Ron just said “There’s no solution, Hong Kong reporters seize every opportunity to spy on us. Even if im just at home they can take pictures and say my Maid is my girlfriend that im hiding from everyone. Asked if Ron came to Mainland so that there wouldn’t be reporters following him everyone, Ron just stated ‘No Lah, I come to earn money, and in Mainland, the pay is higher”.

    Sunday, February 24, 2008