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  • Saturday, 22 March 2008

    Translated by: Sammy@ http://ronforever.com
    Source: Mingpao, On.cc, Apple Daily, singtao, Takungpao, wenweipo
    Date: 22/03/08
    Note: I merged all these articles together to give a full report.
    Please credit if reposted

    Michael Admires Ron’s healthy Body; Sarm gor, dyes his hair white

    Michael Miu has always kept his appearance to a high standard. Yesterday “Academy Full throttle” was filming an outdoor scene. Because Michael is supposedly playing Samuel’s father and also a triad leader he had to dye his hair white.

    In Academy Full throttle, Sammul mistakes that Michael is his father which causes many problems in the story. In the beginning Michael is a normal person and hasn’t exactly turned bad yet but he still makes himself appear as though he is really old. No wonder during the Costume fitting he hadn’t fully dressed himself, and only dyed his hair during the official filming! Yesterday when filming the outdoor scene, Michael dyed his hair by himself. He combed his hair to one side and died the fringe white to give a realistic feeling.

    Even though Michael is a lot older than Ron and Sammul, the seemed to get along with each other very well while filming a fishing scene. They were very congenial with one another and Michael was responsible for both of their fishing baits. He also expressed that he really admired how fit healthy Ron was because there were strong winds and Ron was even wearing a t-shirt.

    Recently Ron was in Japan taking dancing lessons, but after learning for a week, he had hurt his waist and also had to start filming back in Hong Kong. But Ron had spent a 5 figure sum and paid for all the fees himself. Everyday he would learn with different teachers and also learn many styles of dancing including Hip Hop, L.A, Free Style and House. Apart from attending class everyday, Ron stayed at a simple civilian house in Japan and said he enjoyed the feeling of living in Japan. Asked if he went to learn dancing in Japan because people criticized his dancing Ron said “Yes, but I put this situation behind me many years ago. I actually really enjoy Dancing. If I have time I will actually go to New York and learn because a lot of the Japanese go to New York to learn dancing and then return to Japan to teach others.”

    Ron@Easter Day Function

    Also, Yesterday Ron Ng, Suki Chui, Konnie Lui and Charles Szeto accompanied many children to celebrate Easter. At the function there were many Fun Activities which the little kids enjoyed. To give accompany this special day, they played the “Chicken Eggs” Game. Amongst the artists Ron was the centre of attention for the little ones. He sung the Pokemon theme song and even asked the little kids to come on stage and all of them sung along with him!

    Saturday, March 22, 2008