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  • Tuesday, 25 March 2008

    Translated by: Sammy@http://ronforever.com
    Date: 25/03/08
    Source: Singtao, The Sun, Apple Daily

    Michael Miu, Ron Ng and Michael Tse were filming at central last night for the latest series Academy Full Throttle (學 警 狙 擊). In the scene, Ron Ng, triad leader Michael Miu and Michael Tse were having an argument on the streets. Even though Ron and Michael Miu had to film till about 11, they attracted a huge crowd and Ron had many female fans watching him film. While filming the scenes, the crowd were taking many pictures which affected the lighting. In the end they all had to film the scene again and Michael Miu looked a big nervous because the director kept reviewing the scenes over and over again to make sure the scene was perfect. Michael Tse also told the audience in English and Chinese to stop photography since it affected the lighting.

    After filming, many of the female fans asked Ron for autographs and to take pictures with him. Michael Miu also had many female fans but Michael Tse didn’t have any, so he just got into the car for a rest. Was it because he was too weary while filming or was it because his fans didn’t like his acting?

    Caption: Ron Ng Taking pictures with Fans
    Caption: Michael Tse, Ron Ng and Michael Miu filming together

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008