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  • Saturday, 26 April 2008

    New Series "Wives & Concubines" to be filmed

    Translated by: Sammy@ http://ronforever.com
    Source: Apple Daily
    Date: Saturday 26th April 2008

    Last year the seniors Ha Yu, and Lei Sze Kei’s series HOG II was very popular amongst the audience. This year they have filmed a sequel hoping it can be as successful as the first one. After finishing preparing HOG II, in July there are plans to start filming a new series Wives & Concubines (妻 妾 成 群 temporary title translation). There will be a total of 25 episodes. The current cast is Sheren Tang, Kara Hui, Kiki Sheung, Tse Suet Sum & Elliott Ngok Wah. Wayne Lai will be the male lead for the first time.

    Wives & Concubines will be directed by Mr Li (李 添 勝) and will be scripted by Mr Cheung(張華標) who wrote Heart of Greed. This series will be like the mainland production "大宅門". Elliot Ngok Wah will die early in the series so all his business’ will be run by his 4th wife Sharon Tang, and first wife Tse Suet Sum, Second wife Kiki Sheung and third wife Kara Hui will fight for the business.
    Also, Ron Ng will play Kara Hui’s son and Suki Tsui will play a younger sister. Both will have a relationship with one another in a society which denies a relationship between a sister and brother.

    Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang will film a TVB version of the mainland production "大宅門". This series was split in to two series, with a total of 72 episodes. This took the script writer Mr Kwok 40 years to develop with other directors with over 100 people in the cast.

    大宅門 talks about how a family owns a pharmacy, and has been passed on from 3 generations. The first series is set in the Qing dynasty in the time of the Japanese war much. The second series talked about how the family fought against the Japanese and changed the whole family. (sorry if the translation isn’t very accurate).

    In the new series Suki Tsui will have a relationship denied by society with Ron Ng.

    Caption: Ron Ng filming Find the Light.

    Saturday, April 26, 2008