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  • Sunday, 4 May 2008

    Translated by: celes @ http://ronforever.com
    Credits: SingTao May 2nd, 2008

    Ron Ng and Elanne Kong films outdoor scenes for "The Academy Full Throttle"

    Recently, Ron Ng is busy filming "The Academy Full Throttle". The other day, he was filming a scene with Elanne Kong, and the storyline required them both to hug and fight in public. But the both of them were very 合拍, even acted the emotions on his face ! (七情上面 - either they meant he acted the human 7 emotions, or this. sorry><)

    Ron entered the industry under Louis Koo's recommendation, not long after entering the industry, he became heavily promoted. Thanks to his bright and handsome looks and fit figure, he is loved by many female. Recently Ron is very lucky to film with "Big Eye Girl" Elanne Kong in the new series "The Academy Full Throttle", the both of them film scenes together, even more sparks are created.

    The other day, Ron and "Academy" crew were at WanChai filming outdoor scenes, at the scene, there was also Elanne, who is playing the daughter of Michael Miu. The storyline was that Elanne ambushed Ron at the exit of the stairs, locking him (with her hand) from behind, and shouted: "Do I have a past with you ! Why did you drop all my good !" Then Ron did a "Carp Turn-Over" move, locking Elanne tightly, and also hugging her. Elanne couldn't even stand properly, fully supported by Ron, their bodies were 'glued' together all the time. At the end, Elanne used her 'special skill', and bit Ron's arm, while Ron was in pain and loosens his grip, she seizes the opportunity to run away.

    No taboo when 'gluing bodies' and hugging
    Elanne didn't take her image of a beautiful in consideration, in front of the camera, her expression was very fierce. Although it is their first time collaborating, but when the both of them were hugging, there was no taboo, although NG many times, hugging again and again, but they still laugh out loud. It seems they really enjoy and get along together ! But, the both of them are very nervous about their performance. After one scene, they will immediately watch the playback, seeing how is their performance. Two of them look very natural on-screen, but no matter what, both of their actions are exactly the same, no wonder they are "sum ling seung tung" (means that their minds are connected)

    Lots of pictures following this article in Ronforever.com 's News section!!!

    Sunday, May 04, 2008