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  • Friday, 16 May 2008

    Ron Ng sweats in his Thick leather Jacket

    Translated by:
    Source: Singtao
    Date: Friday, 16th May 2008

    The weather is already humid enough and having to cope with it is enough, but having to wear a huge leather jacket makes it a whole lot worse. Recently Ron Ng has been filming outdoor scenes for the upcoming drama Academy Full Throttle. In a temperature which reached 30 degrees wearing a leather jacket caused him to sweat a lot and even attracted a huge crowd!

    The weather has been quite awkward recently. It sometimes may be windy and then before you know it, it’s humid. But the people who suffer are the actors and the crew. Recently Ron Ng and Sammul Chan were filming an outdoor scene at Shaukiwan for Academy Full throttle. That day the temperature reached 30 degrees. Sammul was the only one wearing a t-shirt which must have been so much better than what Ron was wearing. Ron was wearing a thick black leather jacket which must have been like a sauna for him. The scene was where both of them had a bank check, and there was some argument between them. But once the camera wasn’t focused on Ron used those seconds while the camera was focused elsewhere to go to stand aside and breathe heavily. It must have been very hard to cope with the weather because all you could see was sweat dripping from his face and he constantly wiped it away. He repeatedly drank liquid and when he was off set he would treasure that time away from the sun.

    Although he was sweating continuously and even reached for inside his shirt to wipe away all the sweat he still attracted a crowd which watched him film. Co-incidentally it was about 3 in the afternoon and the public were all returning home from their day of shopping. Therefore there were quite a lot of housewives who bumped into the crew filming. About 100 passed by and stopped to watch Ron film. But there was a few interruptions as the crew had to let people pass them. Many housewives were having discussions and quite a few of them complimented Ron saying that “Ron Ng is so handsome!” Apart from the housewives who were there, Ron’s fans also followed him around in the heat. All of them were holding an umbrella while watching their idol film; they must have been there to show their support.

    Wearing a thick leather Jacket, Ron Ng reaches for the inside of his shirt to wipe all the sweat

    Ron Ng continuously sweats in the heat. During the break he uses the time to wipe his face

    The heat affects Ron's acting so he acts with no emotion. Sammul Chan survived through the heat in a t-shirt!

    Housewives, Children and Big muscular men, all see the crew filming, unable to take their eyes off them

    Friday, May 16, 2008