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  • Friday, 23 May 2008

    Translated by: Sammy@http://ronforever.com
    Source: Mingpao
    Date: Friday, 23rd May 2008
    *More pictures at http://ronforever.com/gallery

    Ron Ng says he has never received a present from a female: The magazine worded the report which really affects a man’s reputation

    Yesterday Ron Ng attended that Apm x Columbia fashion show function and also ran in a circle with a fake Olympic torch, imitating the actual ceremony. Recently there has been a magazine which says that Ron had dinner with Charmaine Sheh, and she gave him $20000 for a watch and $200000 for a racing car. Yesterday Ron Ng expressed that he only knew of this because his family told him. He said “I am confident in telling you that the “magazine” reports are not true! Not a single bit of it! They don’t have any pictures and it has made me really unhappy and will ruin my reputation!” He said that everything that he owns was all from his hard work and he did not borrow any sum of money, “The Magazine has worded the report really badly that affects a Man’s reputation, I hope that they won’t do this in the future”. Ron Ng expressed that he will discuss with the company about this issue or he will take legal action against them. Asked if this news will affect his career and if it will be hard to take this load off his shoulders Ron said that it had nothing to do with him, and the readers will know what is going on.

    Never received a present from a female friend

    Ron Ng confidently said that he had never received a present from any females since entering the industry for 10 years and he will only ever reward himself. Asked if he had a race car, Ron said “People who know me know I don’t have this type of car!”

    Doesn’t have Charmaine’s number

    Asked if he contacted Charmaine about this issue, he said “There was no need for it because this isn’t true. Charmaine and I have only filmed together once, and we didn’t have many scenes together. I have never contacted her for personal reasons and I don’t have her phone number!” He compared himself with the people affected by the Earthquake in Si chuan and said that this issue was not worth mentioning. Therefore he hopes that everyone can care about the disaster victims and he said that he has considered contributing a part of his income. For example for this function he said that 20-30% of the amount he will earn today will be contributed to the disaster relief.

    Friday, May 23, 2008