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  • Monday, 7 July 2008

    Ron's Birthday Present

    Hey everyone,

    Well it’s that time of the year again, something special is happening! Its Ron’s birthday! As most of you have seen that Ron will be holding a Birthday party with Tavia Yeung (Yes TARO fans are probably extremely excited). This year we are actually planning to give a gift to Ron. With much help from Keiko from Ron-station we have decided to make a combined present to give to Ron.

    As a Ronforever initiative we are going to make a Calendar for Ron’s birthday. Because most overseas fans don’t know how to read Chinese and aren’t able to navigate around Ron-station there may be a lack of contribution to the video present above. Therefore I hope all of us can be apart of the whole present!

    As mentioned above I was speaking of a Calendar for Ron’s Birthday. This will be an idea Ronforever have put together with the help of fans from Ron-station. In other words it’ll be a joined present. Anyone can contribute to the Calendar present as it’s a graphics present but there may be many people submitting entries therefore we can only use the best ones. BUT any great ideas used will be used in the final copy.

    So here is how the whole Calendar thing works.

    There are 12 months and four seasons in a year right? On your birthday month we will mark your birthday on the date so Ron will know when it is
    In each Calendar there is usually a picture and then a table of all the days in the month. In that picture for each month we are planning to have a picture of Ron. I.e. in summer there will be Ron at the beach or something. With that we will have a Question such as what is your favourite Ron Drama?

    If your birthday is during this month you will be required to answer that question and it will be made in a collage with the other fan’s responses.
    So it should end up like this:

    All Questions will require the answer as well as Why you like Ron. I need all of you to help think of 12 questions we can get fans to answer. E.g.

    January: What series do you like and why?
    February: What is your most favourite character and why?

    This is only an idea, not the final questions.

    On the 10th of July hopefully we’ll have all the questions and then we can start getting fans to design and hopefully think of a response.

    The thread: http://www.ronforever.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=624%22


    Ron-station already have started combining their birthday present for Ron. They are making a video of messages from fans. Here are the details below.

    So if you're interested here is what you have to do
    1. Video tape a video of yourself
    -Your Name
    -Where you are From
    -A Birthday wish to Ron (NO MORE THEN 1MIN)
    2. Email it to xkeiko.chowx@gmail.com ASAP

    Limited space only, but i'll try to fit everyone's video in it.
    so hurry and send your video In.. first come first sever

    any question you are welcome to email
    me or kitty (kitty_kamenashi@hotmail.com)
    OR you can directly ask Irene or me if there are any problems.
    OR Reply in this thread
    DEADLINE: JULY 24. 2008

    This will be our first present to Ron! Hope that all of you can contribute! Thanks


    Monday, July 07, 2008